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Flounder Gigging

If your dream day on the water is casting to and hooking a giant red or gigging a huge flounder, then you have just found the perfect charter. Whatever your perfect fishing dream on the water may be, Sandy Girl Charters can accommodate those dreams. A great local inshore, nearshore and flounder gigging fishing charter found on the emerald green waters of Wrightsville Beach. Captain Cole Harmon, a native to the Wilmington, NC area uses numerous locations, different styles of fishing equipment and the knowledge acquired throughout his fishing career to provide charter participants with an experience like no other. Theres a lot of exciting fishing options for the Wilmington area and under the guidance of Captain Cole, you can experience them all.


All of our guided inshore/nearshore fishing charters are done on a fully equipped, 19ft Carolina Skiff. The Skiff is outfitted with professional grade saltwater fishing equipment ranging from tackle gear to high quality depth finders/GPS systems. When venturing with Sandy Girl Charters on inshore/nearshore charters the only requirement you have, is to bring a smile and the eagerness to catch great fish. Although catching fish is a priority, educating charter participants is also an important attribute for Cole. Anyone can fish, but having the right knowledge can be the difference between fishing and catching.

Sandy Girl Charters main focus and specialization is flounder gigging. A form of fishing where lights illuminate the dark water and you gig flounder from the front of a 14ft double wide Lowe boat. You will navigate through the back creeks in a specially designed boat just for flounder gigging. In one throw of the gig you can land a huge 10lb flounder or watch a trophy fish swim away. This is a true form of fishing for the thrill seeking type. 


Feel free to browse our website and learn more about the charters and services Sandy Girl Charters offers. A memorable experience catching great fish is always a guarantee for this charter.

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